About Ulrike

Ulrike is a certified Dog Behaviourist and Trainer, accredited by the German ‘Institut für Tierheilkunde & Tierpsychologen” (IFT). She is also qualified to train dog owners and their dogs in accordance with Section 11 of the German Animal Protection Law.

Ulrike began studying Dog Psychology over 10 years ago in Germany. She then moved to Amsterdam where she started her Dog Behaviour Training company. Her impact was huge, helping over 800 owners and their dogs to enjoy a healthy and happy relationship together.


Her credentials and experience made her an expert in her field as she learned from a variety of World renowned Dog behavioural experts and trainers both in Europe and North America:

  • Ulrike successfully completed ‘Training Cesar's Way - The Fundamentals Of Dog Behavior and Training 1 & 2’ and volunteered several times at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Centre in California. She also worked backstage at Cesar Millan’s Live Shows in Europe.
  • Ulrike’s trained with the American Dog Behaviourist & Elite trainer, Colleen Steckloff - and the internationally recognised Canine Behaviour Specialists, Cheri Wulff Lucas and Brian Agnew (‘Raw Intuitive Talent – The Missing Link’).
  • Ulrike’s attended the ‘Animal Healing Workshop’ of the world's leading Horse and Animal Healer / Communicator, Margrit Coates, together with completing the Maya Nowak ‘Mensch-Hund Kommunikation’ Course in Berlin, where Ulrike fine tuned her competence in dog communication.

Ulrike’s study into Dog Behaviour whilst working with Utrecht University has been featured in Dutch Press. Ulrike has appeared on Dutch Television showcasing her work with Dogs and also provided behavioural advice to the Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.

Ulrike has volunteered for several dog foundations across Europe like ‘Gut Aiderbichl’. Her mission is to promote a better understanding and special approach for adopted stray dogs. This is ultimately to help them settle into their new homes and to adapt to a life as a loved and domesticated pet.

Ulrike believes that a dog’s mental health and their stable behaviour depends on a balanced physical health condition at the same time. Her partnerships with Veterinary Specialists or Chiro Practitioners and Osteopathic Therapists have proven this holistic approach in her Dog Psychology work and rehabilitation of dogs.

Ulrike has been the ‘Super Nanny’ to many puppies many different breeds. She believes that puppy training means to professionally support the owner with all challenges from introducing the dog to the new home, socialisation through the rocky puberty until a stable adult dog with a strong human band.

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