In Person

'Intensive' Training Package

3 x 1.5 hour sessions - €349

Ulrike can meet you and your dog at your house or in your dog walking environement to provide training within a 30km radius.

Performed over 3 consecutive days, these 1.5 hour sessions will allow you and Ulrike the time to work closely together to develop an approach that best suits you and your dog.

Each dog breed has a slightly different temprement. Ulrike will assess your dogs character, your current habits and devise a set of techniques you can use to practise on as homework.

Although there are no ‘quick fixes’ to changing a dogs behaviour, Ulrike’s effective training will boost you and your dogs confidence, which will enhance the bond you have. With each session, Ulrike will assess the progress you are making with your dog and provide further guidance as you gain more confidence and a better understanding of your dog.

Post Training Support

3 WhatsApp updates following your training are available to you, where you can update Ulrike with your progress. Ulrike can answer any queries you may have and provide further advice if needed.

Before you book this course...
Please ensure you have attended the Introductory Dog Behavioural Session. This is compulsory for all new clients who wish to conduct any In-Person Dog Behaviour Training courses.

Home Visit -'Intensive' Training Package (3 x 1.5 hours)

Ulrike can travel anywhere suitable up to 30 km from Bad Tölz to provide training. Visits incur a travel fee of €30.

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