In Person

'Train the Trainer'

3 x 5 hour sessions - €299

Ulrike can meet you and your dog at your house or in your dog walking environement to provide training within a 30km radius of Tegernsee.

You will have the opportunity to ‘shadow train’ alongside Ulrike for 3 days. Together with watching Ulrike train, you will also accompany her to any client house visits she may have.

You will be able to practice techniques under her supervision. Here you will learn the different methods used to effectively communicate with dogs. You will learn to correctly evaluate a dogs personality, the causes of their behavioural issues, and the impact of a healthy and positive human & dog relationship.

You will learn how to create a concise plan of action which includes tools and techniques to drive behavioural change. Methods to establish harmony and trust will be taught, together with learning how to deal with aggression and anxiety.

By the end of the course, you will have the confidence and knowledge to direct positive change in behaviour towards your dog, and to coach other dog owners in a professional capacity.

Home Visit - ‘Train the Trainer’ (3 x 5 hour sessions)

Ulrike can travel anywhere suitable up to 30 km from Tegernsee to provide training.

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