• “Ulrike was not our first dog trainer, but she is definitely the one whose insights have given us the best understanding of our dogs and whose techniques we will keep on using. She has a great compassion for dogs and understands the ways that dogs' behavior stems from many different factors: breed type, personality type, and emotional state.
    Ulrike took the time to understand our dogs' behavioral issues in terms of all these intersecting factors and was able to offer us simple and effective training tools to help our dogs achieve more balance and stability.
    As rescue dogs, neither of our dogs had been socialized during puppy hood, and moving to Amsterdam--a city of dogs--from America was a big challenge for us and them. Ulrike was able to show us methods by which we could decrease the stress and reactivity of our dogs and build greater trust and better communication between dog and owner. We and our dogs are thankful that we had a chance to work with her and benefit from her expertise. ”
    Harper & Atticus, Kate & Nathan, Amsterdam

  • “3-year-old Briard Linus with his uncontrollable territorial instinct is vigorously guarding our property. His tracking obsession often leads to the fact that he takes me out for a walk, instead of me taking him! Linus is always very excited at dog encounters and can easily be provoked by other dogs.
    We worked on these topics together with Ulrike, who gave us a lot of tips and practical guidance for an improved coexistence at home and during training walks. Ulrike helped me a lot to better understand Linus ‘nature and character and thus the motives for certain behaviors. ”
    Linus & Elke, Bad Wiessee

  • “We would gladly recommend Ulrike to all dog owners who need help with developing your dog’s behaviour and/or anxiety. She immediately spots possible improvement points in your home or in your daily routine. We have seen great progress in our dog’s behaviour as a result of our sessions with Ulrike.”
    Fika & Ebba, Amsterdam

  • “We learn so much about our behavior and the behavior of Paul, his body language and how he perceives us and certain life situations. Ulrike‘s training brings us further every time. We are very happy that we have her by our side. What Ulrike does is really unbelievable and we are very impressed with her every time! I can only say it again and again, what you do with us and Paul is really incredible!”
    Paul & Julia, Gaißach

  • “Chica would sit behind the living room door and howl like a wolf. I could not leave my puppy alone and I didn’t know how to get past it.It was giving me nightmares. And my stress was impacting our dogs behaviour and my own sanity. Ulrike made me feel empowered. She gave me homework. And she gave me the belief I needed to trust the process. Now Chica is calm and she sleeps when being left alone at home. Other benefits from training with Ulrike is:
    - I know what routine I need to follow to keep Chica as happy and calm as possible.
    - I now know how to keep Chica calm when the doorbell goes.
    - I can walk with her outside without her jumping up at everyone
    - She walks without pulling the lead
    - The recall is pretty awesome
    - She sits next to me when cyclist, walkers, old people with trolleys etc walk by
    Let Ulrike help you. She’s worth every penny. You and your dog are worth this wonderful guidance.”
    Chica & Mariann, Schipluiden

  • “We are grateful that Ulrike supports us in raising our bundle of energy, Enzo, also known as the crazy Vizsla. Ulrike understands like no other how to determine the dog's boundaries through her body language, but still lovingly set limits. We have already benefited a lot from her experience as a dog whisperer.”
    Enzo, Birgit & Alexander, Rottach-Egern

  • “As a trainer it is difficult to find the right help when you run into problems with your dog. Thanks to Ulrike I have gained new insights and taken steps to be able to continue with Nooz.
    I have followed a lot of training and courses, but from Ulrike I have just been able to learn something that I did not know or that I had not yet thought about. The loving way in which you approach dogs also suits me enormously. It is that bit of dog language that has given me extra depth. ”
    Nooz & San, Holland

  • “Ulrike helped us tremendously with integrating our new puppy into the pack. Louis bit Mina twice and didn't accept her being around at all, we had to keep the dogs completely separate for several weeks. Ulrike supported us through video calls and Whatsapp and effectively supported us in turning the situation around. Few months later they now live together completely harmoniously and respectfully.
    Ulrike is very knowledgeable about dog behavior, and quickly identifies our challenges (even through video call without being physically present due to Covid-19) and has a good instinct working with people. We'll surely continue working with her in the future! ”
    Louis, Mina & Mara, Baarn

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